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    2. "He is gazing absently out of the window" = you are outside and see him gazing outside. He is gazing absently out the window = you are probably inside, and see him gazing outside.

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    2. It was a foggy, grey, and cloudy morning. Kate was absently staring at the sky. Her face was pale, and beneath her eyes were dark signs of countless sleeplessness.  Since she got out of the hospital, she’d been dull and spent her nights having recurring nightmares that made her wake up vomiting and crying. All she could do was constantly research about her parents murder, and spend her days trying to gather her thoughts.  Once, when she didn’t know that her accident had been plotted, she used to daydream all day about how could things could have been otherwise. But now that she was aware of the truth, she knew that she had to do something. She couldn’t continue to live hiding. She had get justice. She wanted that culprit to pay for what he did. Suddenly, someone entered her room. She was startled, before she noticed it was Arthur. He glanced at her dark circles and her tired look, and sighed deeply. He sat at the sofa looked at her and said:  “Kate listen to me, it’s already been two weeks since you got home from the hospital and still, you haven’t told us a single word about what happened. You can’t continue to withdraw like this. Please tell me what’s going on. “ She couldn’t think of anything to say to him, and just tried to countain her tears. She wasn't sure if he sincerely cared. She looked at his hands, and could see they were tightly clenched and sweating. On top of that, his hands were nervously wrestled together. She smirked. It was a relief to see that he truly did care and wasn’t just pretending to be good. She told him everything about the accident and revealed the folder that she found into the Thundroom Compagny.

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