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Q: What does abt mean?
A: It's an abbreviation for "about"
Q: What does I plucked it when I was super stressed out abt midterms ?? mean?
A: En esta frase, “pluck” podria significar “desplumar” o “arrancar” asi que la persona que esta hablando esta diciendo que desplumó o arrancó algo (probablemente algo en su cuerpo) cuando estaba muy estresado/a debido a las exámenes parciales
Q: What does abt mean?
A: it means "about"

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Q: Please show me example sentences with “she knows more abt it than i do” and I write “I dont know abt it as much as she does” right or wrong?.
A: She knows more about it than I do.

I don't know as much about it as she does.

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Q: How abt "Thanks for joining."?
Should I put "me" or "us" behind the sentence?
A: It’s not incorrect to say just “Thanks for joining.”, but it would be much more natural to say either “Thanks for joining me.” if you are the only one that the person you’re speaking to is meeting, or “Thanks for joining us.” if the person you’re speaking to is meeting several people including yourself and you’re speaking on behalf of them as well.
Q: you are must be close. ( I'm talking abt friends). does this sound natural?
A: It does not make sense to have "are" in this sentence. We would just say "You must be close"

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