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    2. Domestic violence is a BITTER REALITY that tens of thousands of Russian women and children face every day. According to official Russian government statistics, 40% of all crimes are committed within the family. 36,000 women are beaten by their husbands every day. 26,000 children are abused by their parents every year. “If he beats you, it means he loves you” as one famous Russian proverb says. Russian society supports traditional patriarchal family values, where women’s obedience is THE key to a strong happy family and THE PHYSICAL punishment OF women and children is described as an essential measure FOR maintainING order. When a woman decides to leave her abuser or report him to the police, her relatives and friends OFTEN criticize and SHUN her. They say that the most important thing is to PRESERVE the family UNIT, even AT THE EXPENSE OF the woman sufferING abuse_. Many women even refuse help.

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    2. That attitude TOWARDS domestic violence is the reason WHY 60-70% of victims do not seek help. Some of them even defend their abusers. 97% of domestic violence cases never end up in court. Victims feel scared and alone. It is very difficult for them to just ask for help or tell somebody about the situation. THE VICTIM IS AFRAID TO LEAVE FOR FEAR OF BEING KILLED BY HER ABUSER. 70% of murders RELATED TO domestic violence are committed after the victim leaves the abuser because THE abuser FEELS HE HAS nothing to lose. Fortunately, THE Russian MINDSET is slowly beginning to change. At the very least, women are now taking offenders to court. They support each other in court, and they feel confident enough to demand ACTION from law enforcement. NEW rehabilitation centers for victims of domestic violence are OPENING every year. Many people work hard to RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT the problem of _ battery within THE HOME. Our society must RETHINK _ family values and ADOPT MEASURES to ENSURE A future without domestic violence.

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    2. Yes, that could be one way of looking at these two different sentence. Didn't in sentence A shows that the dog may have attempted to escape it's abuser, but was unable to, either because the owner had caught the dog before it made it into the house the owner had killed the dog(sad). So I believe your statement is correct! Couldn't in sentence B may be implying that the dog, like in the "didn't sentence", attempted to escape the abuser but was blocked from getting into the house. So I believe that both your sentences make perfect sense! Great Interpertation of the text!

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