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    2. From what I understand you’re saying, here are my thoughts - good job by the way :) I think I’m a lazy person when I’m alone. People around me say I’m not, but I know myself and how lazy I can be. When I’m home, I usually lie on my bed being a procrastinator, even though there are so many things I could be doing while at home. For example I could be composing music, studying English and exercising. Sometimes I feel guilty and in a bad mood when I spend all day doing nothing meaningful. If I enjoyed doing nothing and being a couch potato, that would be one thing, but I actually don’t enjoy it. I have to fix this bad habit. I have tried several times to improve of course, but I always gave up too soon. One method I will try is to change my environment. If I’m not at home but out and about it will help me to not be lazy. I’d like to have a part time job in the morning or go to an academic school to study English instead of learning on my own. So from the start of vacation to the end of next semester, this will be my goal. Breaking up my day using this method should reduce my free time and help me to not be lazy anymore.

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