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Q: What does Can you tell me what acephalous means please i would really appreciate some examples thanks mean?
A: « acephalous » (qui est un mot rare) a la même signification exactement que le mot français « acéphale » :

1. Qui n’a pas de tête.
Mollusques acéphales.
Fœtus, monstre acéphale.
Statue acéphale.

2. (Figuré) Qui n’a pas ou ne reconnaît pas de chef, autonome.
Concile acéphale, secte acéphale.
Hérétiques acéphales.

Voici des exemples anglais de Reverso Context:

"He is the capitalist without capital, just as dialectically modern capital is capital without the boss, acephalous."

"It appears to have been extremely widespread in the past, not only in kingdoms, as is often thought, but in the societies based on lineage (in Africa) or in acephalous societies, like those of the American Indians of the Pacific coast."

"Being the most obvious concrete public organization to hold accountable for the consequences of the otherwise acephalous international trading system creates an obvious potential for political discomfort."

"The Dagbon Kingdom has traditional administrative responsibilities hitherto acephalous groups like the Konkomba, Bimoba, Chekosi, Basaari, Chamba, Wala, Gurusi and Zantasi."
Q: What does acephalous mean?
A: literally: without brain
metaphorically: stupid

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