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    2. I suppose the second example does make sense but it's not a usage of feasibly I would expect to encounter, either in written or spoken English. (I'm not sure if it's grammatically incorrect as I'm no linguist). An example of feasibly could be "you couldn't feasibly cross the river without a boat" or "you couldn't feasibly survive for that long without water"

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    2. There are many conflicts all over the world, and most of us are probably thinking why our world hasn't become peaceful. Unfortunately, world peace is a hard goal to achieve unless human society is influenced by countries or people with power and money. To begin, each country usually prioritizes their own country and people. However, while one country profits another one doesn't, and an uncomfortable relationship between countries could lead to a conflict. In addition, as one knows from the news, there are many nuclear missiles and weapons in the world. They are beneficial to an extent but can be deterrent as they could wreak havoc on humans if they are used. Although we know the facts, some countries have not yet manufactured these types of weapons. Finally, a war means business for certain people in other countries. The government and the military industry are closely related to each other. The military industry provides the government with votes and money, and the government provides the military with budgets. The military orders weapons from the government and the government provides them weapons for the soldiers. In summary, it is hard for us to achieve world peace. We have to think of improving our own country or community as our first priority, and therefore some countries choice to have powerful weapons. Moreover, for people who hold power, conflicts always mean business.

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