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Q: What does And where does the acorn fall? mean?
A: it sort of means “what was the result?”
for example:
“i’m unsure about the future. we’ll just wait and see where the acorn falls.”
Q: What does acorn mean?
A: It's a type of nut that comes from an oak tree

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Q: An acorn is thrown from the outside. It hit the window and drops. does this sound natural?
A: It's not bad, but it would be clearer to say:
An acorn, thrown from outside, hits the window and drops.
I hope this helps!
Q: I liked to get acorns in fall when I was a child. does this sound natural?
A: When you say "get", it sounds like someone was giving you the acorns. Did you mean something more like "I liked to collect acorns" or "I liked to pick up acorns"?

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