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    2. Both appear at the end of a document. An appendix generally contains reference material, may be referred to in the main body of the document, and was planned to be there when the document was put together. An addendum is generally there to correct errors or new information discovered after the main body was written. There will generally be no references to the addedum from the document main body and it may be present only in the second edition of the document.

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    2. The appendix is a section at the end of the document/book and is meant to be separate from the main body and functions as a supplement. An addendum means anything that is added. In common usage, it usually refers to anything added after issuance or publishing. For example, new information has been discovered that contradicts or complements something said in the book. Technically, though, an appendix also qualifies as an addendum since it is an addition to the main body.

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    2. I would like to apologize for the incorrect price of the third quantity under addendum 6. The price should read $58.8/Mt 5,800NAR.

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    2. ...” my interest in” (remove all my) ...”with determination” (remove the) ...” I witnessed/ after witnessing/ being witness to..” In my spare time, I would like to take part in various sport programs, by which I made many friends and cultivated favorable personalities. ( you say I would like which means in the future, then you use past tense such as “cultivated” and “made”; are you talking about the past or future? ...”dependant on..” ...” I have a deep understanding OF rehabilitation and can reach new heights in physical therapy/ have reached new heights in physical therapy” .. “have helped me realise..” ...”so that I could make my dream come true and make a contribution to...” ... “I reviewed/ after reviewing a range...” “And yours is just so”; what does this mean? “I am eager to join such an excellent community” “Once I am accepted/ If I am accepted...” “I will be going back to China/ I will be back to China” This is a very impressive personal statement good luck!

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    2. appendix = useful supplemental material that doesn't fit in the rest of the book addendum = an update to the book For example, a history book might have an appendix that has a list of significant dates in history, or a table of all the different kings and queens of various countries. An addendum might include more information about recent events that happened after the first edition of the book was published.

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