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    2. many foods have strange ingredients that are bad for humans. Not only that, but there's a chance the plastic packaging is bad for humans too.

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    2. "Additives" - basically anything unnecessary or artificial that is added to the food product (e.g. artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, bleaching agents, nutrient additives, thickening agents, stabilizing agents, etc.) "Preservatives" - antimicrobial agents or other chemicals added to food products to make them last longer (prevent them from spoiling). Preservatives help to inhibit growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold in food.

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    2. I'm pretty sure that "feed" refers to food for animals, usually animals that aren't kept as pets. for example, I'd say dog food and cat food, but I wouldn't use food for chickens.

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    2. free from alcohol and additives

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    2. We eat so many food additives without even noticing.

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    2. Almost... So, what shall we do to spread Fairtrade in Japan where recognition is low? Our idea is to use as many Fairtrade products as possible and gain a further understanding of Fairtrade. For example, at Ritumeikan University, Fairtrade products are on sale in the school store and the vending machine. At Doshisha university, there is a club to promote Fairtrade, and they hold sport competitions using a Fairtrade soccer ball. In this way, school takes a lead in making Fairtrade products visible. We think that Popuri (our school store) can also source Fairtrade products, introduce a vending machine of Fairtrade products and use the Fairtrade ball in P.E. class in school. If we use Fairtrade products even a little more from now on, and improve safety, our life and the development of national life this can make the world a better place. We believe that.

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    2. I am so sorry for the late answer! I'll try to get back to you more quickly next time. There are two main contrasting views regarding hydraulic fracking. Generally, those lecturing the subject oppose it, whereas reading tends to defend it. Most sources claim that the method is beneficial, since more oil means a lower price. Furthermore, it states that fracking increases job opportunities. On the other hand, speakers note that this technology is not accepted economically. They argue that, while it increases the amount of gas production, it also requires more money to be paid in order to develop the area. Workers will migrate with their family to the operation zone, which would lead to more police and school costs. Regarding safety issues, studies believe that chemicals used in hydraulic fracking are environmentally friendly. They cause neither water contamination nor radioactive pollution. This is contrary to the lecturers’ opinion, as they believe groundwater pollution does occur, since the process involves cancer-causing elements such as methane and radium. These polluted waters evaporate, leading to respiratory illnesses through air contamination. Finally, written accounts indicate that hydraulic fracking the the future of the energy industry. However, professors say that the amount in gas reservoirs is overestimated. They are the first energy resource because the government gives it the most attention. If they invested in gas and renewable sources equally, then it is possible solar and wind energy could compete with former. This is a very difficult topic, and one I don't know much about. But you sounded very educated when I read through it. Reading and lecturer are strange choices to use when talking about the sides. I used several different words throughout the edit I did above. Lecturer isn't super common, and occasionally reading sounds strange in the sentence. Additives is a good word, but it is used when describing ingredients in food. In this context, I believe a different word would be more appropriate. Other than that, excellent as always! I never really specified this is the past, but when I change something you wrote, it doesn't always mean you're wrong. Sometimes, it's just an alternative option that might sound nicer or explain the meaning better. You usually aren't doing much incorrect; your writing is very good. If you don't mind me asking, what are all these essays for? Are you taking a class?

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    2. A bath salt would only be a type of salt, but a “bath additive” is more general and would be anything you put in a bath like bath salts, bath oil, bath bomb, etc.

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