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    2. You did a very good job of translating it, I just went ahead and did my own translation based on the original text. "After I graduated from primary school, all of my friends and relatives felt it would be best for me to learn some practical skills to help my mother. At the time I recognized that they weren't entirely wrong, I knew I needed to lift some weight off my mother's shoulders, but at the same time deep down inside I also wanted to move forward in my education. I secretly tested into a school that would provide clothing, food, books and housing to me. I felt that only this way could I dare bring up the topic of moving forward with my mother. Being accepted required a deposit of ten yuan, which to us was a huge amount of money. My mother bit the bullet and worked hard for half a month to produce the ten yuan we needed, tears were streaming down her face as she sent me out the door. She continued to work relentlessly knowing that it was all for her son's future. After I graduated and got assigned to be principal for a primary school, neither my mother nor I could sleep for one whole night. The only thing I said to her was, "you can finally take some rest!" Her response was a face full of tears."

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    2. She admitted to driving too fast.

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