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    2. Do you mean the dish adobo? I’m filipino and I don’t think there’s an English word equivalent to adobo.

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    2. Guys, please, please. Is this dialogue correct? Customers: Hi. May I see the menu, please? Waitress: Good afternoon. Here, you go Customers: Thank you Waitress: Are you ready to order? Customers: Could you give us a few more minutes, please? Waitress: No problem. Take your time. Customers: Excuse me, Miss. We are ready to order. Waitress: What would you like to drink? Customers: Water for my mother and wine for me, please. Waitress: Ok and what would you like to eat? Customers: For my mother, beef stew without spice and salad. For me, adobo with asparagus and cabbage, please. Waitress: Ok, but we don’t have cabbage, sorry. Customers: No problem, then just asparagus. Waitress: Excellent. Could you have anything else? Customers: No, thank you. Waitress: Ok, your food is ready. Enjoy your meal. Customers: Thank you. Could I get some bread, please? Waitress: Of course. Customers: Thank you so much. Waitress: Was everything ok? Customers: The beef stew was a bit salty, but the rest delicious. Waitress: Sorry about that. Anything else? Customers: Yes, two chocolate cakes and the check, please.

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