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    2. He was growing up so quickly that you would think he would achieve great things before he became 30 years old.

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    2. Adolescence is the in between stage, between being considered a child, and being considered an adult. Basically it's the Teen age years. In the US, this is the period between entering Junior High Shcool, or Middle School and Graduating High School. So basically between about 13-18 years of age. Or depending on who you ask about 12-20 years of age.

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    2. You're welcome and thank you:)

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    2. Both are correct and can be used interchangeably, however, I think the first one (when I hit adolescence) is much more common. I think the word ‘my’ is usually omitted because it is not necessary, it’s already obvious. I think the only time I would use the second one instead, is if I was talking to people about their adolescences, for example: Friend: “I was terrible to my parents during adolescence.” Me: “When I hit my adolescence, I had an even better relationship with my parents than before.” The ‘my’ is the stressed word, because it is being used to show comparison. (As opposed to your adolescence, MY adolescence was...) Despite this, if you were to use either one in any context it would be easily understood and not really noticed by native speakers, as they are both grammatically correct and have the same meaning. I think the first is a little more common, but both are perfectly natural and correct! I hope that helps (:

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    2. Pubescence is when puberty begins. Then comes adolescence which is once puberty has begun and continues through the teenage years. Also, adolescence is a more commonly used word. Though we often refer to puberty and prepubescent.

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    2. Daddy sounds very childish most of the time, so you might want to change that to 'dad'. Also, your last sentence should be: "I take after him this stubbornness of mine."

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    2. "Drew Barrymore is an American actress, producer, and director who was born in 1975 on February 22nd, in California. You may have seen her in her recent roleplay of Sheila in Santa Clarita Diet. Drew Barrymore is a model of success. She had been in the business industry ever since her adolescence, but truly became famous in 1982 with the blockbuster E.T. which was produced by Steven Spielberg, her godfather. This was her first rewarding accomplishment. Despite a dark period of drug abuse and depression, she managed to get up and finally use her image of “bad girl” to come back into the cinema. With with some daring new roles, she quickly acquired new notoriety. She started her career as a producer with her production company Flowers Films in 1999 and awards started coming one after another. She tried to expand into other genres: romance, drama, comedy and she even tried dubbing. She also often participated on Saturday Night Live as a comedian. She became so good at her job that she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2009, she improved on her abilities as a director by working as an executive producer of reality shows and movies. Thanks to her successful career in the cinema, Drew launched a range of cosmetics in 2013 named Flower, which included some makeup, perfume and eyewear. Her other business ventures include a range of wines and a clothing line. She also realised two books about her rebellious childhood, titled: Little Girl Lost and Wildflower. In May 2007, the actress was named ambassador against hunger for the UN World Food Program and donated one million dollars in support. She takes pictures for magazines and hopes to exhibit her works in a gallery, one day. Barrymore also became the spokesperson and model of CoverGirl cosmetics and became the new head of Gucci's jewelry line. So she is as successful in her acting and production careers as she was with her impact on the people. Though she has put in a lot of effort, Drew Barrymore can’t be considered as a self-made woman. Unfortunately, Drew comes from a family of famous actors, the Barrymore family. She is also the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg, and as we know, he jump-started her career with E.T. What we do know is that she seized these opportunities offered to her and used them to the fullest."

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    2. I commonly see the expression "when they were growing up" "when they grow up" and "as they grew" if you need any more help feel free to ask

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    2. We are foolish and sentimental and melodramatic in adolescence, but if we weren't, perhaps we would be less wise at fifty" It's very natural already, but it might sound better if you say 'during adolescence rather than 'in'.

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    2. He advocates character development through discipline as training, for the nurturing of adolescent behaviour. Defiant behaviour will be addressed and not tolerated.

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    2. "I bought a book called “WONDER” which is Japanese edition to my eldest son today." => "I bought the Japanese version of a book called Wonder and gave it to my eldest son today."(This is the more natural version of the sentence you wrote. I think this idea might be better expressed as two sentences though. => "I bought a book called Wonder today. It's the Japanese version which I gave to my eldest son." (Note: quotes aren't used around book titles in formal English. Italics are used instead; however, in everyday writing, feel free to use whichever.) "I’ve been wanting him to read this when he turns 10 years old as a main character of this book is also 10 years old." (If there is only one main character in the book, you should change "a main character" to "the main character". Otherwise this sentence is fine.) "Unfortunately, my son isn’t good at reading books." (I suggest changing "isn't good" to "isn't very good" it's a softer way of saying this for people you care about. English speakers unconsciously do this to be nicer. It's like saying the person is not perfect which sounds nicer because no one is perfect.) "Therefore I thought he might show empathy with a main character if he turns same age as him." => "Therefore, I thought he might empathise with the main character since he is the same age." (Sounds more natural.) "He sometimes irritates to something because of the beginning of adolescence recently." => "He can sometimes irritate me because he is at the beginning of adolescence." (I think this is what you meant to say. Feel free to let me know. 日本語でも大丈夫です。) "I hope he will get something important from this book." (Grammatically correct, but sounds a little stiff and disconnected from the last sentence.) Suggestion: "I hope he can learn something from the book that will help him grow." "I’ll try to read this in English edition. :)" (Was this apart of your sentences you wanted corrected? If so, try this sentence.) => "I want to try to read the English version." I hope I could help. Feel free to ask any questions.

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