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    2. Subvert is the act of undermining authority. If you succeed then you have destroyed their authority. Auspicious means somthing might be a good thing. advantageous means you know somthing will benefit you. You want to make it yours because you see it's potential. "This companies will add millions in profit. It is advantageous to buy it." "If those two companies merge, it could be auspicious for us." "The rebels sought to subvert the government's authority." "After a long fight, the rebels destroyed the government forces."

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    2. "Taken advantage of"

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    2. Very nice!! I changed some things to make it more natural sounding. ​​It is deniable that social values have changed during the last few decades: making a lot of money and trying to gain high social positions are still significant goals for the vast majority of people. Celebrities, famous sportsmen, and rich people seem to be the role models for real life. However, in my opinion, human values like honor, kindness, and similar virtues have already had their stages in our life and many people already respect these values, so I disagree with this idea entirely. Regarding historical heroes who have been admired for a long time, they were not esteemed because of their possessions or social status; their sympathy, empathy, bravery, and kindness were the features admired by other people. Many stories have been based on their courage to encourage others to develop these values. Based on the media, a small number of advantaged people, famous artists, and people with high social statuses always are indispensable parts of headlines, and large number of TV programs, movies, and advertisements promote and encourage their lifestyles and portray their lives of luxury, full of gorgeous parties, expensive shopping, and deluxe clothes. Therefore, the media has used them to introduce a new lifestyle to many people, especially the educated middle class. Nevertheless, all well-known people take measures to demonstrate their humanity. Bill Gates is a textbook example to illustrate the point; he was the owner of the biggest company in the US and was always named as the model of a successful life. However, after retirement, he founded a foundation to help disadvantaged people and to help researches address medical conditions including HIV and Hepatitis. This example clearly that shows that some famous people recognize that they need something more than fortune and beauty to conquer the hearts of people: “human values’, which can attract others and become unforgettable. To summarize, I hold the view that while many praised values always were our criteria to judge people, other values, including political power, social status, riches, and a pretty body are temporary, and after a while they will fade. From a social perspective, I conclude that the new trends of valuing luxury and social status in our society is not a prevailing and comprehensive indication of human values, and that good character is still the main trait on which we judge people.

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    2. No.

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