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    2. Hi! Which colleges do you plan on applying to for aeronautics? There are some universities in the US that don't formally require SAT or ACT scores but most do. Even if they don't require SAT or ACT scores, it will be a higher advantage if you submit SAT or ACT scores. Many schools look at you as a whole such as your grades on your report card/GPA, the activities you have done outside of academics, and the essay you write from the prompt they provide. I suggest you do take the SAT or ACT (even if the scores aren't high) to show the schools that you are challenging yourself. Plus, aeronautics is a competitive field in high demand so the SAT or ACT will benefit you. I am a Korean-American and will be starting college in a few weeks and I know a lot about the college application process in US schools since I went through it last year. Feel free to message me for questions and if you're more comfortable with Korean, feel free to write to me in Korean since I am almost fluent in Korean as well. Good luck! 화이팅~^^

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