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Q: What is the difference between ahhh, and ohhh, and awww, ?
A: Ahh, I see. Oh, I didn't know that. Both are expressing that you understand what is being said. Awww is what you say when something is cute/adorable. Aww, what a cute baby!

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Q: ahhh help me please :( Which is correct? 1. They suggest that we would change the order of the day. 2. They suggest that we should change the order of the day.
Q: ahhh okay you two are beautiful 😍 does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: ahhh im trying to speak Faster i dont want to be there i dont wanna be there A lot of people ask me if its possible to sound like a native speaker Im learning pronounciaton pls comment if i said something weird does this sound natural?
A: Actually It's good but maybe you could have pronounced better the last sentence.
Q: what is different between maybe and perhaps? ahhh! and probably too! pls, explain it with an examples. thank you so much and have a nice day:)
A: Maybe and Perhaps mean the same thing... People usually say "maybe" in everyday conversations.. Do you want to see a movie? Maybe... Perhaps seems to be used in a slightly higher intellectual level? Again, they mean the same thing but it's not that common to hear people say perhaps instead of maybe..

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