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Q: What does aight mean?
A: It is a slang term for "all right".
Q: What does aight mean?
A: It’s a slang which is a shorted version of “alright”
Q: What does aight cool mean?
A: Alright, that's fine
Q: What does aight mean?
A: "Aight" is an informal combination of "All right."

Never used in formal conversation or writing.
Q: What does aight mean?
It means "ok" or "all right".

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Q: What is the difference between aight and yes ?
A: @Annie_James No, it doesn’t really make sense. The best substitution for aight would be alright/Ok. Aight can mean agreement, but it’s more used to acknowledge something.

(while text messaging)
A: We’re leaving the house at 8.
B: Aight (very informal)

I don’t really hear aight when people talk, I mostly see it when texting (but I never really see it when I text someone)

For this example, the best response would be something like “Yes, I like it because of the tub” “Yes, there’s a tub in it” “Yes, the bathroom is nice”
Q: What is the difference between aight and alright and all right ?
A: aight - slang pronunciation of all right

alright - the commonly used variant spelling of all right

all right

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Q: What does "aight" actually mean? And does the word "IMMA" mean "I'm going to" or something else?
A: Aight is a slang that means "okay" or "alright." (It is a contraction of All right.)
Imma means "I'm going to" so you're right! ^~^
Q: Please show me how to pronounce aight .
A: @Garciadanieltsr Do you mean the slang word for "alright"?
Q: is aight a slang or something?
A: It is slang for: Hey, are you all right.
Q: "It's aight" is only said by black people?
does it sound weird if a white or an asian says that??
A: of course not anyone can say it :)

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