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    2. ​‎At times, I am tempted to believe that to wander aimlessy in total freedom, I need to pack up and run away on an exotic trip to a desert island. It would be enough just getting lost in the infinite sky. If I look at a point in the sky and you are doing the same, it would be like being in the same place at the same time. I love to wander through the endless shades of the first light... I let my imagination run away with me, in the same direction of the clouds... In this painting lies thoughts drawn from listening to my favourite music. Blue sky and fluffy white clouds on the horizon. A bliss state of mind. Sunset is always a statement: love, reflection, inspiration. Whatever inside you can be stirred and expressed fully by enjoying with a perfect sunset... wherever you are, if you truly believe, you will find true motivation to your creativity even in the smallest things. If you allowed your imagination lead the way, your vision would be wider, just like when you look at the world from the top of a mountain. The power of nature.

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