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Q: What does I come from Alabama, with neon my banjo. mean?
A: He is saying "with a knee on my banjo". I believe he misspoke or was making a joke and actually meant to say "with a banjo on my knee", which is a lyric from an old American folk song called "Oh, Susanna". I think he is jokingly saying that he doesn't know about that technology because he's just a "dumb guy from Alabama" (he puts on a thick fake country accent to emphasize this).
Q: What does we're hitting Alabama levels that shouldn't be even possible. mean?
A: Haha I don't even think it's very funny, it's basically just "incest and bestiality, how very Alabama".

so it uses stereotypes, but it is not _about_ stereotypes

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Q: What is the difference between Alabama's republican governor, who has long identified as anti-abortion, signed the bill into law on Wednesday. and Alabama's republician governor, who has been long identified as anti-abortion, signed the bill into law on Wednesday. ?
A: yes, you can (and natives do) say that. Between the two, the “identify oneself as (something)” version is and has been impeccable any time for the past century. The “identify as (some category)” (e.g., identify as gay, identify as black, identify as heterosexual) has only come into natural use since about 20 years ago, but is common enough today.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Alabama
A: Alabama

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce Alabama .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: When you say,
Alabama is implementing a new strategy on health and safety.
which is the correct meaning?

1. Alabama is about to implement a new strategy.
2. A new strategy is already underway.

A: both are correct. the first states that they have not yet started the implementation process, while the second states that they have already started, but it is not complete yet.
Q: I would go to Alabama satate of America early Feb next year. Can you let me know how long I have to be quarantined of corona virus as I’m arriving there?
A: you will need to check the website for the airlines, and keep up on the news.
but here is your sentence, corrected:

I'm going to the US state of Alabama in early February. How long will I need to quarantine, because of COVID, after I get there?

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