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    2. Got it! 「The 5-HTTLPR S allele and rs53576 A allele are both at-risk alleles. What personality traits do individuals who carry these two alleles have? Both “S+A” and “L+G” were more “agreeable” and had a high desire for a feeling of “belonging” compared to “L+A”. “L+A” were more disputatious compared to “S+A” and “L+G”. “S+G” were more disputatious, irascible and suspicious of others compared to “L+G”. Both 5-HTTLPR and rs53576 polymorphisms affect personality traits related to the maintenance of social groups. “L+G” and “S+A” show similar personality traits. As for the cause, it is necessary to consider the effect of another index (e.g. levels of general trust or paranoia). 」

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