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Q: What does amicable mean?
A: fancy way of saying friendly
Q: What does amicable mean?
A: friendly
Q: What does amicable mean?
A: It's a less common word to say 'friendly'.
She seems like an amicable person = she seems like a friendly, kind person.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with amicable .
A: "'They're very polite and friendly.' 'Yes, they're very amicable.'"

She acted amicably towards her horrible boss, surprisingly.

The roomates had an amicable relationship.

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Q: What is the difference between amicable and friendly ?
A: lol yes. I said “without disagreement”. But what I’m also saying is that you can be friendly in the world almost like being kind. But you only use amicable for those certain situations. You don’t usually call a person an amicable person. You can call them friendly. If that makes sense
Q: What is the difference between amicable and friendly ?
A: They mean the same thing but friendly is more commonly used.

"Those people are very friendly", (那些人很友好/很友善). 如果想表达人很好/很,让你感觉很容易接触都用friendly.

Amicable is usually used to mean a friendly situation, especially when the situation could have been/usually ends up bad. for example commonly used in "amicable divorce" or "amicable breakup". 分手但是还可以联络的情况。
Q: What is the difference between amicable and amiable and affable ?
A: Amicable means without serious disagreement.
Amiable means friendly or pleasant.
Affable is friendly or good-natured.
They are very similar, but amicable refers more to relations between people while affable and amiable refer to the people themselves. Affable and amiable are nearly interchangeable, but I think affable is more an approachable demeanor on a personal level while amiable expands that approachable manner to the entire crowd. Cordial is a synonym with amiable but not with affable.
Q: What is the difference between amicable and amiable ?
A: I would use 'amiable.' You are basically saying the animal is friendly and not easily upset. In other words, you are describing the animal's personality, which are human traits.

Maybe that's a better way to think of it.
Amiable --> describes a personality
Amicable --> describes the nature of a relationship

One of the things I really like about the questions on HiNative is they often make me think about my own language more deeply. Thank you.
Q: What is the difference between amicable and amiable ?
A: Amicable refers to a friendly relationship between people.
Amiable refers to how friendly one person might be, a characteristic.
A group of people might have an amicable meeting, because the people there are amiable.
Amicable refers to the connections between people or things, like a friendly situation with a crowd.

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