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    2. - For the seven years of our record there is a very obvious oscillation in the temperature anomaly. - It is also intended to remove the anomaly of people doing similar jobs being paid different amounts. - The anomaly attacks some basic Islamic principles and propagates many belief anomalies. - They can only detect or fail to detect anomaly. - No magnetic contrast would be likely to exist between such features, therefore no magnetic anomaly would be detected. - As we have said all along it is about rectifying an anomaly. - I also have a report by Dr. Tartaglia on girls with a chromosome anomaly. - The Scotsman points out a glaring anomaly in the evidence presented. - Resolving the VAT anomaly remains the most obvious means of promoting more sustainable approaches to the housing stock. - The low resistance anomaly in the northwest survey area is likely to be an effect of a large tree. - Work was carried out at various scales, from regional reconnaissance surveys or appraisal, to the drilling of a geochemical or geophysical anomaly. - Generally, at most stations, the midnight foF2 reach the maximum in summer, and no winter anomaly can be discerned. You can see more examples in the following link.

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    2. Anomaly is defined as something that deviates from what is normal. • That kid really is an anomaly. • There was an anomaly in your blood test, but otherwise you are healthy. • The rare albinism trait made the puppy an anomaly compared to his brothers. Abnormally is defined as doing something in a manner that deviates from what is normal. • He seemed to be abnormally good at math, solving advanced problems in mere seconds. • The bag was abnormally heavy for only having a few folders inside. • Since she came home, her puppy had been mopey, and abnormally so. You could use either in daily life, although “anomaly” is very uncommonly heard in spoken English. “Abnormally” is used occasionally.

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    2. A: The sky is clear and blue today, but there is a pink cloud hovering over my house that no one can explain. The weather network has called it an anomoly. Today, scientists accompanied by military officers arrived at my house to study the anomaly.

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    2. “I have made the diagnosis and noticed that the patient had abnormalities that were not related to the operation”

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