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    2. Alles richtig 😊

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    2. The number of visitors to Japan has increased year by year. Did you know that the number of foreign tourists to Japan In 2017 reached a record high of 28.69 million, a 19.6% increase from the year before? However, it has become a subject of discussion. The number of foreign tourists who avoid paying medical bills has been increasing. According to a 2016 survey by the health ministry, around 80% of 1,710 responding institutions said they provided outpatient treatment to foreigners, while about 60% offered in-hospital care. Among those, 35% said they had non-payment issues over the previous year. The survey included foreign nationals living in Japan, but a government official said many non-payment cases involved temporary visitors, unfamiliar with the language and customs. According to the Kinki department of transportation, who surveyed hospitals in the prefecture; 20 out of 147 medical institutions experienced not receiving payment from medical bills. The total of unpaid medical bills sits at 15.47 million yen. In Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture and popular tourist destination, about 30% of 19 hospitals have experienced non-payment issues. A survey by a local association of physicians found some unpaid bills reached 2.6 million yen ($24,600) for treating a stroke, or over 5 million yen for treating a tear of the aorta. In one case, a foreign tourist lost consciousness and was taken to hospital; the total medical bill was 1.1million yen. However, as he didn’t take out travel insurance and didn’t have cash or a credit card, the 1.1 million yen was unpaid. Many non-payment issues are emergency cases for people who do not have travel insurance or credit cards. Once they return home, it is impossible to contact them. Actually, Japanese medical law has a legal obligation to provide medical treatment. The law states: ”No medical practitioner who provides medical treatment shall refuse any request for examination or treatment without just cause”. So, doctors are forced to provide medical services if the patient needs help, no matter what. The number of Foreign tourists is expected to continue increasing due to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Thus, medical care for foreign tourists will be needed and cannot be avoided. But, the medical bill of foreign tourists is becoming a serious problem now. So, Japan will need to think of a solution regarding the medical bills for foreigners. In this research, I have focused on the medical bills for foreign tourists. I examine the payment of the medical bills of tourists and consider the solution of medical accounts as payable and summarizes important aspects in accepting foreign tourists in medical departments. I am collecting documents that are necessary for studying right now. I am currently researching a case study and a bibliographic survey. I also raise an important issue regarding accepting foreign tourists in Japan’s medical departments. I would like to summarize this research from the stand point of hospital, government and foreign tourists. And summarize several important aspects in accepting foreign tourists in medical departments.

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    2. 日本語は大丈夫です。 😊

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