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Q: What does What does the apostrophe here (in the examples) means? Why is it used here?
Examples: livin’, enjoyin’

Why not just ‘living’ and ‘enjoying’? mean?
A: The apostrophe indicates a missing letter. Kinda like how we write "It's" which is just "It is".

The pronunciation of livin' is different from living. Living has the 'ng' sound in the end, but livin' is pronounced as 'livein'. And the same with other such words.
Q: What does What does an apostrophe at the end of some words mean, for example: rollin', lovin', sayin' ??? mean?
A: Those are short forms of word that use "ing" Ing is often said Colloquially as a standard N sound. The apostrophe tells you, they are intended to be "rolling" "loving" and "saying", not spelling errors.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with on the apostrophe .
A: what do you mean? "on the apostrophe" doesn't make sense. This is an apostrophe: ' .
Q: Please show me example sentences with the apostrophe s and '.
A: I have a dog.
I had to clean the dog's cage.

I have six dogs.
I had to clean the dogs' cages.

I have a friend called John.
I went to John's house.

I have friends called John and Susan Taylor.
I went to the Taylors' house.
Q: Please show me example sentences with when do we use apostrophe in sentence. Is there any rules to use apostrophe in sentence?.
A: An apostrophe is like a possessive or it can shorten a pronoun and to be into one word.

She's reading right now.
That is Mark's folder.

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Q: What is the difference between using apostrophe and using “sth of sth” structure to mean posession ?
A: Thanks so much!

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? apostrophe
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I don't understand when I should use 's(apostrophe s).

Both "public perception" and "public's perception" are correct.
On the other hand, "mother's birthday" is correct but "mother birthday" is wrong.
A: “Public’s perception” is only right if you say “the public’s perception”. That apostrophe s is only used to show possession. So, since it is the birthday of the mother you have to say ‘mother’s birthday’. Public is both an adjective and a noun. You can say the perception of the public ‘the public’s perception’ or you can say the kind of perception that I am talking about is public ‘public perception’
Q: Sometimes I'm confused with apostrophe. For example, in the sentence "This guy's an amateur." I think it is wrong. "guy's" is possesive, not "guy is". Is it wrong?
A: Yes. This is correct. Apostrophes are mainly used to make possessive verbs. But they are also used to combine some words to make "contractions". For example: "isn't" means "is not" or "doesn't" means "does not".
Q: When or not to use apostrophes instead of "of"
A: Apostrophes are used when something is possessive. The transport does not own the means. "Means of transportation" is saying the different ways to transport yourself like car, bus, plane, or other things. If you said "transport's means" it isn't grammatically correct because you are saying that transport owns the means.
Q: Why is the apostrophe in words such as shouldn't, wouldn't, and isn't used after the n and not before it?
A: It's combining the words should and not like shouldnot, but the o is absent, so the apostrophe takes its place to show there's a piece missing in the word or something. lmao i had this explained to me ten years ago so I'm not 100% sure.

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