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    2. Many people share the thought that the best solution "to" this problem is building "houses" in the suburbs, while others argue that "building" high "rises" in the city center is better. Building houses in the suburbs would have more cons than pros. First of all, it can damage the environment and change the traffic system. If people live far away, they spend more time commuting to their offices or reaching their destination. However, this solution is by far less expensive for the people, whose families survive on mínimum wage. This will not only allow more families to live close to the city centre, but also promote development in the city and would improve the appearance and security of some neighbourhoods. Nevertheless, this can create issues such as increased housing prices and rent. In conclusion, I would say there is no doubt that the government has to allocate resources to address this problem. It will have to conduct a research and find an effective solution that will benefit the society as well as the environment.

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    2. "..whereas others argue that [building] [high-rise] buildings in the [centre] .." "..First of all, it can [cause] damage to.." " order to commute to their [workplace] or.." "..improve the [appearance].." "Nevertheless, this can [mean] that the prices.." "..the government [will] have to allocate resources to address this [problem]." "..research in order to [create] an effective solution.." Note on center/centre - center is the American spelling, centre is the Australian/UK spelling. Since you used "neighbourhood" not "neighborhood", I assumed you are using the UK/Australian spelling.

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    2. A major what? Just saying a major doesn’t work

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