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    2. I bet you

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    2. I bet you that

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    2. Sorry for the delayed response. I think this link would be a good resource for you to determine the correct form of an adjective to use. The syllable rule should be very helpful. Also, I did a little research on my native language and it appears that when using the word good looking, it can get a little complicated to choose the correct comparative and superlative if you want to be grammatically correct. View this link to help you understand what I mean. I hope this information is helpful. Among native English speakers, I rarely hear the phrase, "He is more good looking". I usually hear and I always say, "He is better looking". You may be grammatically correct either way depending on the context of the sentence, but if you want to sound more native, I would say: "He is good looking, he is better looking, or he is the best looking". This would apply to the U.S.A and the U.K. English speakers.

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