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    2. I would always use an article with hospital: I am going to THE (specific) / A (indeterminate) hospital. I'd also use articles with: airport, store, house, and most others. With school and prison you can drop the article when you are talking about the overall experience and not the physical location. With school: I like going to SCHOOL (I like learning, very general, very common) I like going to A school (normally with more context: 'I like going to a school like mine where everyone is learning Spanish') I like going to THE school (normally with more context - 'I like going to the school where all my friends go') My dad is going to prison. (Very general. Doesn't matter which prison). My dad is going to a prison in Texas. (More specific prison but not entirely specific) My dad is going to the prison that my brother went to. (Very specific) Other words that work like this: "camp" "I go to camp every summer. I go to a camp in Texas. I go to the camp that my Mom works at." "university" My brother is going to university. My brother works at a university. My brother works at the university next to my house. There are probably lots of others ;)

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