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    2. I wrote a little about the schools in Brazil. May you correct my text. -about the length of the school year in Brazil: Our classes start in February and go until July. Then when the summer vacation starts, we have a free month until August. Now that August has come, classes return until December. After that, our winter vacation starts. -About a typical day at school: classes take fifty minutes each, regarding different subjects of course, and students take five to six classes a day. -Regarding the Teachers and Students: not much interaction occurs between the teacher and the student. After the teacher is done writing the notes on the blackboard, the students are expected to copy it off. Then, the teacher would want the students to interact with one another. So, the teacher expects classmates to answer questions that other students might have. Then, the teacher would correct the incorrect answers that were said by the class mates, if there's time available. Otherwise, it would be saved for the next class. -About the school's rules: the students are required to wear a uniform. The girls need to tie their hair. Along with that, chewing gum is not allowed on school ground. Also, the teachers do not appreciate the students talking about anything other than class during class time. During breaks, however, students can interact with one another and discuss their school and personal life without having the teacher scold them. As every other school, students can not arrive late to school. If that occurs, students must wait until the second class to start and are required to sign in a registration book.

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