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    2. Okay, so I found the article that this is taken from. The words "your" here CAN be taken to refer to women because the article is mainly about what women are supposed to find attractive in men and how the author disagrees with the idea that a man wanting to please a woman should automatically make him attractive to her. However, the author uses "your/you" as a general address, so while it CAN be taken to refer to women, it can ALSO refer to men because it's a general statement directed at the readers of the article, regardless of gender, which is why the author writes "your" instead of "women's" or "man's".

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    2. attractiveness is a qualtiy that you see in a person. i.e her attractiveness is pleasing. attractive is a way to describe someone. Whereas the word attraction is a way to describe a feeling. i.e I am experiencing attraction towards someone. To recap. Attractive or attractiveness is a description and attraction is an emotion or feeling

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    2. "I believe that it has different attractiveness than Tokyo and Kanagawa."

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    2. She is my favorite comedian because her sense of humor comes very naturally without any trace of training and techniques, even though she has surely practiced a lot off-stage. Besides, she has a lovely character which adds a lot of spice and attractiveness.

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    2. "Attractiveness" synonym: attraction

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    2. “Hence” Hence is like “therefore” - you should only use this if you have written something before and this is continues it. ***************** *Do* we really know what is beautiful? Different people hold different opinions.Some people think beautiful means the appearance,but other s insists a beautiful heart is more critical. Try not to repeat words - it can sometimes work if you want to emphasise a point, but here it just fills up space with words you don’t need. People have different opinions - some think that beautiful means the outward appearance, but to others inner beauty is what is really important. Also “critical” comes from “criticism” - disapproval. A better word would be “crucial” ******************** There is an old saying that the love for attractiveness is native to humans,and this saying actually reflect that means. If you mention an old saying, it’s often better to quote it: “There’s an old saying - “Let sleeping dogs lie”” ...otherwise just say something like: “People often say that...” “It’s commonly thought that...” so: “Many people believe that an appreciation of beauty is a basic human trait.” “An appreciation of beauty is often regarded as one of humanity’s fundamental instincts” ********** On the one hand,It follows,therefore,that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful. “On the one hand” is not appropriate here. It is used in comparisons - the full expression goes something like: “On the one hand, I really like milk, on the other hand I hate cheese.” But you can miss out the first part: “I love music. On the other hand I hate going to concerts!” So, to continue: “As a consequence, most women’s greatest desire is to be beautiful.” “As a result, most women crave beauty” “Being beautiful is most women’s ambition” ************* That is why they are obliged to spend vast sums of money on cosmetics and fashionable clothing.They are interested in nothing but their looks.On the other hand,they should be remained that beauty is a skin-deep. This is pretty good. I’d write it differently, but it wouldn’t be much of an improvement really. “This is the reason that most women feel obliged to spend enormous amounts of money on cosmetics and fashionable clothes. They need to be reminded that beauty is skin-deep. “Obliged” = “have to”, “must” , “got to” Actually, they haven’t got to, they just feel that they have to. “Remained” = “stayed” (spell correction here maybe) ************** As far as I’m concerned,I don’t know whether you have heard the sentence,there’s a common saying in China that wisdom and beauty are equally important,talent and charm as intertwined as one. “As far as I’m concerned” is used when expressing an opinion, possibly in a dismissive or uncaring way. “As far as I’m concerned you can do what you like - It makes no difference to me.” “You may have heard that there’s a common saying in China that wisdom and beauty are equally important, and talent and charm are intertwined as one” Note the difference: “Have you heard that old saying:”Let sleeping dogs lie””. & “Have you heard that old expression about letting sleeping dogs lie” “...talent and charm are intertwined as one” sounds lovely. Very poetic. ******** As a matter of fact,if a beautiful looking person has a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions,how can other people treat them as beautiful? “As a matter of fact” is usually used to contradict something. “I may look like I come from China, but as a matter of fact I’m actually American!” “If an outwardly attractive person has malice in their heart, how can others see them as beautiful?” I know it’s sort of poetic/dramatic to link scorpions and snakes with malice, but the way I see it they’re just doing their job. But having said that, it’s perfectly acceptable to use it the way you have, but perhaps without repeating “beautiful”. ******** Thus,a wise person knows itself should has a kind hearted and decent looks. Not quite sure how to interpret this. I don’t think you can be saying that to be wise, you need to have a kind heart, AND be good looking. If you still care, say it differently and I’ll see if I can give you a better way to say it. XA

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