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Q: What does backing and turning mean?

Backing up the car – driving it backwards

The police car stopped, backed up, and turned around to go the other way
Q: What does backing out at the last minute? mean?
A: someone agrees or commits to do something. shortly before the set time, that person refuses or cancels the initial plan.
eg we booked a great singer for the party, but he backed out at the last minute. so we need to find another musician really quickly!

backing out - cancelling plans or commitments
at the last minute - (very) shortly before the planned time
Q: What does financial backing mean?
A: If I'm starting a business, I have to rent office space, buy parts to make my product with, and hire people, so I need money to start my business.
Now, I know that you have 10 billion dollars, so I come to you to back me financially or give me "financial backing".
You give me the financial backing that I need to start my business and I pay you back, so we both make money.
Q: What does backing up mean?
A: It can mean that he is going over what he said before.

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Q: What is the difference between 1. i will be backing and 2. i will back and 3. i will be back (is this wrong sentence?) ?
A: 1 and 2 have the same meaning, but the verb tense is different. The meaning of "back" in this sentence is "support"

3 is correct but it's a completely different usage. "be back" is an idiom that means "return"
Q: What is the difference between with the backing of and with support of ?
A: Not much difference. "Tell them, I will back you up" or "I will support your decision"
Q: What is the difference between backing and support ?
A: Not much difference. I guess "support" is more general and can be used for concrete situations like "The table has four legs for support." "Backing" is maybe more formal and limited to abstract uses like "The government is providing financial backing for the project."

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? how does “the backing singers went on to form their own group” mean?
A: A singer often has a number of "backing" singers (who add background harmonies, sing the chorus, add depth to the sound etc). The sentence means that instead of these being just a group of singers supporting the main singer, they have given themselves a name and started to sing as a group without the main singer.

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Q: A: Would you mind backing up a little, please?

What's wrong with it? I always park here.
What’s the problem? I always park here.
What’s the matter? I always park here.
Are these expressions similar and natural?
A: 1 -- is awkward, though it means the same thing. you wouldn't say what's wrong with "IT".. the word "IT" is not referring to anything.

2 and 3 are better. the "parking bad" is not really a THING, it's a situation.
so it's better to say - what's the problem, or what's the MATTER, like you did.

Q: I am bad at backing a car. does this sound natural?
A: I am bad at backing up a car.
Q: backing home does this sound natural?
A: Going back home
Q: It is not wise that backing out of something you’ve promised to your kid. does this sound natural?
A: @Xiaochun: Its not wise to back out of something you've promised to your child.
Q: When I was backing up out of the driveway, I almost ran over the boy. He happened to be in the blind spot of my car and was completely hidden from my view. does this sound natural?
A: If you are speaking, you can sum it up a bit more.

When I was backing out of the driveway, I almost ran over the boy. He was in my blind spot, so he was completely hidden from my view.

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