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Q: What does abolishing bilingual ballots mean?
A: bilingual means knowing more than one language. abolishing means getting rid of something. ballot is used for voting.
abolishing bilingual ballots is only having one language on the ballot.
Q: What does ballots cast mean?
Q: What does ballot mean?
A: Ballot refers to two separate, but related terms.

To ballot(v.) is the act of voting on a subject or to demand change through a democratic system—We balloted the governor to stop deforesting the area and he eventually agreed.

Ballot (n.) refers to the slip of paper or any other object that represents a cast vote—My ballot was already cast weeks before the election was called, but it still wasn’t counted.

“To cast a ballot” can refer to giving an opinion on something, even if it’s not necessarily related to elections.
Q: What does ballot mean?
A: "ballot" is used in elections, it is a piece of paper with the choices and you mark one to vote.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with ballot.
A: thank you😊

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Q: What is the difference between ballot and vote ?
A: Vote is to choose between 2 or more options, either secretively or openly.
Ballot is a secretive system of voting.

You can vote without a ballot, but a ballot has no other use than to be used for voting.

Does this make it easy to understand?
Q: What is the difference between ballot and vote and elect ?
A: Voting is expressing your choice in something.
> For example when people vote for the next president, they express who they want to become president.
> A non-political example is voting for where you and your friends should eat for dinner. Like "Let's vote to decide where to eat tonight."

A ballot has two but similar definitions. It's usually used in a political context.
> A ballot is what people can use to vote, usually a small sheet of paper. People mark their choice of who they want to win on the ballot.
> A ballot also describes the process of secret voting where each person secretly marks their vote on a ballot (first definition). There are other ways to vote (like machines) but the key idea is that each person's vote is secret/private.

To elect someone means that person has won the position via voting.
> When a president is elected, that president has won by getting the most votes.
Q: What is the difference between ballot and vote ?
A: The two can be used interchangeably in certain contexts. For example, “On the first Tuesday of November 2020, Americans will cast their ballots/votes to decide who will be the next president of the United States.”

However, ballot isn’t a verb, whereas vote is both a verb and a noun. See below:

“I will vote for Mickey Mouse in the upcoming presidential election.”
“I will cast my ballot/vote for Mickey Mouse in the upcoming presidential election.”

Hope that helps!
Q: What is the difference between ballot and vote ?
A: a ballot is the document you use to vote. a vote can refer to the act of voting or the concept of voting.
Q: What is the difference between ballot and vote ?
A: i will vote for this person..individual choice
im will stamp my ballot sheet or card

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "ballot secrecy sleeve", "ballot secrecy envelope", are they the same thing?
A: same thing
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Outstanding ballots
A: Ballots that have not been counted yet
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ballot
A: (바 - 륻)

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Q: What does "file to get on the ballot" (3rd paragraph) mean?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is opening the door to a 2020 presidential campaign.

Bloomberg announced earlier this year that he would not seek the Democratic nomination. But in a statement Thursday, his political adviser Howard Wolfson says Bloomberg is worried that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is "not well positioned" to defeat President Donald Trump.

A Bloomberg adviser says the former mayor has not made a final decision on whether to run. But he is expected to file to get on the ballot in Alabama's presidential primary.
A: file = submit paperwork to apply for something
ballot = the list of candidates running for office

American ballots have all the candidates' names pre-printed on them (see the attached picture for an example from 2008). If you are running for election and want to have your name on the ballot, you need to submit an application to the government office that manages elections.
Q: What does 'ballots' mean?

Where did all the new Democratic ballots come from?
A: it is used for voting, bascially it is a long list that has everyone that is running for a spot in the election and any thing the voters are voting on

Prop 13 a tax break for any over the age of 95
Prop 21 save the whales by making it illegal to hunt them
Q: What's a ballot measure?
A: It’s an American term. Some states allow citizens to propose a law, and if it gets enough supporters it goes to a referendum at the next election. The ballot is the paper you vote on.

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