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Q: What does ballpark mean?
A: It means they are all a little similar. But you could write ballpark to mean baseball stadium, but in this it means they were all similar
Q: What does ballpark mean?
A: It means a place where people play ball. Usually a large field, or else a stadium. In the U.S., it's usually a base-ball park. But people in the park close to where I live also use the baseball diamonds to play cricket and soccer and softball and kickball. The expression "in the ballpark" sometimes means "close enough." It's used for estimates or guesses, and means that the estimate or guess isn't an order of magnitude off.
Q: What does give me a ballpark figure mean?
A: It means "tell me an approximate number".
Q: What does ballpark figure mean?
A: An estimate.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with ballpark.
A: As a baseball stadium/field, "he hit a homerun out of the ballpark." And ballpark as a range, "my guess wasn't even in the ballpark" or "i dont know but a ballpark figure/ballpark estimate for how much it costs is $50-$70"
Q: Please show me example sentences with a ballpark figure.
A: A ballpark figure means an estimated number. e.g. A: How much will it cost to fix my car? B: I don't know exactly - I will need to get the price of the parts. A: Can you give me a ballpark figure? B: Probably around 300 dollars.
Q: Please show me example sentences with a ballpark figure.
A: Ballpark figure = a reasonably close guess, not exact but gives you an idea of what to expect Think of a baseball stadium. Imagine the center of the stadium—probably somewhere around second base—as the exact "figure." The less accurate the answer/estimate/guess is, the farther away it is from second base. So, a good estimate might be at the pitcher's mound or first base, while a not so great estimate might be at the concessions stand or entrance to the stadium. The idea is for your estimate to be close enough to the final figure that it would remain within the figurative ballpark—not five kilometers down the road. If you are saving for retirement, you'll want to know a ballpark figure for how much you'll need. You can't know for certain so you make an educated guess. If you are planning a big party, you'll need to know how many people will be there to properly prepare (space, food and drink, etc). You need a ballpark figure on the amount of people that will come.
Q: Please show me example sentences with ballpark figure.
A: I asked Tom to estimate the year-end totals: "Tom, just give me a ball-park figure."
Q: Please show me example sentences with in the ballpark.
A: "me and my son are going to the ballpark"

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Q: What is the difference between ballpark and baseball stadium ?
A: They are basically the same thing, but baseball stadium could be bigger. Usually the same meaning

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? in the ballpark
A: In the baseball field. In the baseball stadium.

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Q: "I can't pinpoint on how long, but in a ballpark figure it was about 3 hours tops." does this sound natural?
A: You have all the correct vocabulary and are not wrong in your grammar. However, it this was spoken, I might say it like this: "I can't pinpoint exactly how long. But, ballpark figure, I’d say it was about 3 hours, tops."
Q: What does 'ballpark' mean? "Wow once you grasp tap firing vs full auto this game is a whole other ballpark" my understanding of the sentence is "once you know how to tap firing, story goes totally differently". plus I wonder if you can use 'ballpark' like the sentence below if my assumption is right. "once you get the hang of how to use this tool, this software is a whole other ballpark"
A: You basically got it! Great job!
Q: "A ballpark figure is fine" does this sound natural?
A: ah ok! in that case "hours slept the night before" might be clearer
Q: Please show me how to pronounce ballpark figures are fine.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: A ballpark figure? What does this expression mean?
A: "Give me a ballpark figure for how much the house repairs will cost." Give me an estimate of how much the house repairs will cost. It is a more informal expression.

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