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Q: What does lip balm mean?
A: thank you ❤️
Q: What does What is " fuzzy balm"?
(Along with cats and dogs, New Yorkers are also bringing home rabbits as a fuzzy balm for the soul in trying times.) mean?
A: It a weird way to to say it but here it means the New Yorkers are using rabbits (and dogs and cats) as a medicine (or balm) for the soul. A “fuzzy” balm because they are furry. So it is saying that the pets are helping them be happier and get through tough times.
Q: What does balm mean?
A: It’s usual name is “lip balm” or more commonly known as “chapstick” :3 There’s not really another definition or way to put it into to context besides that. Hope this helped!
Q: What does balm of the seashore mean?
A: The word "balm" means a fragment ointment or lotion that soothes the skin. She's being poetic in stating "balm of the seashore" and I'm assuming she means the scents the ocean and seashore brings and how they calm and relax her.

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Q: What is the difference between lip balm and lip salve and lip pomade ?
A: lip balm is most often in stick form. lip salve is most often in tub form (you dip your finger in and apply the salve with your finger). lip pomade is most often either in a tube to either be applied with an application stick or squirted out like toothpaste. lip pomade usually tints the lips pink or red. lip salves and lip balms are meant to make your lips not dry. lip pomade is for beauty. most English speakers (in America) do not say "lip salve" or "lip pomade". we say "lip balm" "chapstick" "lip gloss". Do you understand?
Q: What is the difference between balm and salve and ointment and unguent ?
A: "Balm" are harder and thicker (lip balm, deodorant sticks)

"Ointment" are softer and more loose because they contain more oil. It's like lotion, but more oily

I think "salve" is the same as balms except it is in a container that you can dip into (rather than in a tube like lip balm or deodorant)

I've never heard of "unguent" but I think it's the same as "salve"
Q: What is the difference between balm cricket and cicada and locust ?
A: 生物分類からすると、cicadaとlocustはかなり違う虫です。
balm cricketという言葉は聞いたことがありませんが、ネットで調べたらcicadaのもう1つの呼び方だそうで、ヨーロッパでよく使われているとのことです。

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? balm dhoondh do
A: Please find me a Balm.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? balm
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce balm, bum, BOM.
A: thank you. I can't hear a difference in pronouncing the "o" between BOM and BALM. Is that right?
Q: Please show me how to pronounce balm.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I put lip balm on my lips not to dry out and be chapped them. Does this sound natural?
A: I use lip balm for my chapped lips.
I use lip balm so my lips won’t chap.
Q: These are my balm collection. Does this sound natural?
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