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Q: What does Outer banks on netflix mean?
A: It is a show on Netflix (A platform for watching shows and movies)
Q: What does How banks could be made more responsive to their needs. mean?


Become more skilled at helping customers\clients\people.

My Japanese is bad, sorry if wrong.
Q: What does "After all, it was by your banks that he knelt each day to contemplate himself!" mean?
A: This “bank” is a river bank. He’s kneeling beside the edge of the river.
Q: What does What means: Four banks robberies with a matching M.O? mean?
A: M. O. Stands for modus operandi.

So let’s just say the usual M. O. for a thief is to sneak through a window, steal jewelry and sneak out undetected. (I’m just saying an example. I’m sure there’s a better explanation of what a thief does)

So since the M O was the same in each robbery, they can conclude that it was the same person doing the robberies.
Q: What does it's not as if there are only banks to work in(I know the meaning of "as if" e.g. she talks as if she is a layer. but I don't get the meaning for this recording's as if) mean?
A: "It's not as if" is useful. It makes the falseness of the remainder of the sentence more obvious. It also is useful if others are behaving as if or seem to believe that (e.g.) "McDonalds is the only place to eat."

"You are speaking as if McDonalds is the only place we can eat. McDonalds is not the only place we can eat. Let's go to a vegetarian place."

Using "it's not as if" shortens that to two sentences.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with I worked at banks(2) and venture capital(1) for two years before joining the company. - Is it right grammar? .
A: Do you mean 2 banks and 1 venture capital company?

Meanwhile, the grammar of that sentence is already quite correct. I suggest you remove the numbers in the parenthesis to make it more formal.

You can say:

“I worked in 2 banks and 1 venture capital company for two years before joining the company.”

“I worked in (name of bank#1) and (name of bank#2), and in a VC company called (name of VC) within a span of two years before joining the company.”

You can use the phrase “within a span of” to make it clear that you had 3 jobs within the 2 years.

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Q: What is the difference between the banks and the bank and banks and bank ?
A: Bank can mean two things.

1. Bank for Money.

2. River bank (the side of the river)

Banks is plural (more than one)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I worked at banks(2) and venture capital(1) for two years before joining the company. - Is it right grammar?
A: Yes, the grammar is correct.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? there are no banks
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What does "streamline banks" mean? And what are their parts of speech in this context?
A: I think the reason it has "streamline" instead of "streamlines" is a difference with British English. In American English, a collective noun ("a team", "the government") is treated as singular, like one entity. But in British English, those collective nouns can be treated as plural, like including all individual members.

US English: "My favorite team wins!"
UK English: "My favorite team win!"

Also, I don't think "first/third person" is the right grammar concept here. That refers just to the point of view of the writer, while verbs agreeing with their subject is a separate issue.

First Person: "I eat" and "We eat"
Third Person: "He eats" and "They eat"
(and Second Person: "You eat")
Q: How do banks do investment then? The typical one is ‘loan’. Loan is lending money. There are various borrowers

: Companies (capital expenditure, working capital etc.)
:Individuals (home mortgage, card loans, car loans, etc.) does this sound natural?
A: How do banks make investments then? The typical one is a ‘loan’. Loaning is lending money. There are various borrowers:

: Companies (capital expenditure, working capital, etc.)
: Individuals (home mortgage, card loans, car loans, etc.)

The verb for investments is usually “make”.
Q: the banks were closed. does this sound natural?
A: The sentence is fine. In real situation, the banks is an "uncountable" noun and depending what "banks" are you referring to, it is a little vague.
Q: Banks are places where people can keep their money. Most people use banks to save money in their savings accounts and to pay money from their checking accounts. Today, when a person earns money from their job, their paycheck is often electronically deposited into their savings or checking account. Then, he or she can pay their bills by writing checks from their checking accounts or pay online where their bills are electronically connected to their bank accounts.

Banks also give loans to people. Banks use the money that their customers deposit to lend to people to buy new houses, cars, or to start businesses among other reasons. The bank makes money from lending by charging interest. In other words, people have to pay back more than they borrowed. does this sound natural?
A: When reading, try reading ahead of what your actually speaking so your words become more fluent when transitioning from one word to another.
Q: I wrote 'There are some major banks in Japan. When needed, most of the industries tell us to remit to one of the major banks.'

Last part of my sentence was corrected: "one of the major banks" >>> "one of these major banks."

Could you tell me why? Thank you.
A: could you tell me in what situation I should use 'the'? Thank you

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