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Q: What does Based mean?
A: Based means "legitimate" or "real". It was made popular by rapper Lil B ("The Based God"). It's short for "based in fact" or "based in reality"
Q: What does "Based" mean?

In slang, it means the opposite of cringe – that you are somebody (or something) cool, Down to earth, reliable, not a weirdo or boring or a hassle
Q: What does "Based" mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does Based mean?
A: Is used to refer something or according to

It is something connected with the subject


Is based on rules
According to rules

Based on children learning

I hope it helps

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Based on.
A: This novel is based on a real story.
My essay is based on my own research in biology

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Q: What is the difference between Based on and Based off ?
A: I think they're pretty much the same.

"based on" is considered more 'correct' for official things, and "based off of" is seen as slightly more informal/dialect/conversational. But "based off of" has been commonly used for quite awhile. "based off of" is also a little more common in American English, and a little less common in British English.

So, if you're writing something formal/official, then used "based on". For everything else, you can use either. You will definitely hear native speakers using both in conversation and in writing. But for official documents and occasions "based on" is still far more traditionally accepted.
Q: What is the difference between Based at and Based in ?
A: They are the same.
Q: What is the difference between Based on and Based off ?
A: Hello! People use both but the correct standard English is to say “Based on”
Q: What is the difference between Based on and Based in ?
A: Based in' is for location. 
"The movie was based in London." 

'Based on' is for a theory or circumstances.
"The movie was based on a true story"

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Based
A: @andajwn

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