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Q: What does The batteries take over if we lose power. mean?
A: If there is no electricity, blackout, power cut, then it will keep working by battery power. Batteries are there for back up
Q: What does The battery is swappable. mean?
A: You can change it ,
Replace it by another one
Q: What does battery swapping stations mean?
A: A place where batteries are charged, where you can go to exchange spent batteries for fresh ones.
Q: What does the battery fell out on impact mean?
A: "On impact" is when one thing hits another.
"When the battery fell out on impact" means that the battery got knocked out when it hit something, such as the floor for example.
Q: What does A battery is fully charged at the end of a slow charge when its specific gravity does not climb higher during two checks with a hydrometer, done 1 hour apart. why does "do apart" mean? mean?
A: there should be 1 hour between checking the first time, and checking the second time.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with battery.
A: The batteries need to be replaced
Do we have any batteries?
What type of batteries does it need?
Q: Please show me example sentences with battery drain.
A: Battery drain is more of a noun, but there are a lot of variations on that.

My battery's gonna be drained, wait gotta charge up.

You should take care of your phone's battery or else you're gonna drain your battery.

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Q: What is the difference between These batteries are meant to last for a year. and These batteries are supposed to last for a year. ?
A: There is no difference, supposed to and meant have the same meaning
Q: What is the difference between I've run out of batteries for the phone and I've run out of a battery for the phone ?
A: neither are correct although the first one is grammatically correct. if you want to say you have no more physical batteries to put in your phone, you say the first one. if you want to say your phone is at 0% battery, it's "I've run out of battery for the phone" (or "on the phone" also works).
Q: What is the difference between 2 same batteries and 2 batteries in the same type ?
A: We wouldn’t say 2 same batteries. 2 batteries of the same type makes more sense. You should use two batteries of the same type in your devices, for example.
Q: What is the difference between The battery is dead. and I run out of the battery. ?
A: The battery is dead means the battery has no capacity to charge anything anymore. If you put the battery in, it won’t power the device. This is specific to the BATTERY.
However, sometimes when talking about technology like phones, this term is used the same way as “I ran out of battery”.

“I ran out of battery” means the battery power depleted to 0%. This is specific to the DEVICE.

Feel free to ask follow up questions if you need clarification ✨
Q: What is the difference between my battery is gonna die soon and my battery is gonna died soon ?
A: "My battery is gonna died soon" is incorrect.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? battery pack or portable chargers
A: A battery pack, a portable charger or a power bank.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? if you run out of battery in your phone, is it correct to say "I'm charging my phone"? How about a car, if i run out of gasoline, do i charge it?
A: @Merenguitosaram: Yes, charging is correct for the phone. For a gasoline car you would say you are refueling the car.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? + and − of the battery
A: @mashichi65: + can stand for plus or positive. - stands for minus or negative.

In regards to a battery, + would stand for positive charge and - is negative charge. Hope that helps :)
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? The battery of the phone gets low and it is needed to connect charger. How do you say that? My phone needs to be charged, The battery is off or what to say in this case?
A: I need to charge my phone. The battery is low.
My phone is about to die. I need to charge it.

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Q: battery motorcycle or electric motorcycle
which one is correct?
A: Electric motorcycle
Q: To let the battery run down to at least 20% (A) I charge it.

1. before
2. after

I think '2’ is correct, but my English text book was written ‘1‘. Which one is correct?
A: and the statement is simply saying that before you charge the phone you wait for it to get below 20%. after would just sound weird. of course your battery fell after charging it. that's what batteries do.
Q: What do you call these little ''bars'' referring to how much battery left a cellphone has available?

Could I say this ''Dude, I have just one bar of battery, so get straight to the point...''?
A: Yes that's fine. We don't have a more specific term
Q: it is battery problem does this sound natural?
A: @yupiv If you are going to use the term battery issue rephrase to sentence to "There is an issue with the batteries"
Q: I realized that there is no battery in my electric dictionary. So I have to buy some dry cell battery. does this sound natural?
A: Does your dictionary need multiple batteries to work? Or only one?

...realized there are no batteries in....

...some dry cell batteries.

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