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    2. Begrudging can mean that you are reluctant. e.g. Despite the fact that he is an unpleasant person, I have a begrudging admiration for the way he plays piano. (i.e. you don't really want to admire the person)

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    2. it means that they are making him happy, but they do not want to. they do not want to make him happy but have to or do anyway the word can be used talking about many thing, like money. begrudge means to give something but be unhappy about doing it, usually resentful

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    2. He begrudgingly gave her the money

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    2. You should not begrudge your former rival's success in life.

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    2. In straightforward terms, begrudge and regret are usually diametrically opposed as regards perspective. Begrudge relates to how you feel when someone has done something adversely affecting you personally or possibly to someone else whom you probably care about. Regret is how you feel about something over which you have (or perceive you have) some event, statement or action to the detriment of someone else, or even yourself. I begrudge his taking all the coffee creams out of the chocolate box because it left none for my parents. I regret eating all those coffee creams in the chocolate box because it left none for my parents.

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