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Q: What does benchmark fund mean?
A: A benchmark fund is a fund against which other funds are measured or compared. If the fund you own goes down a little, and the benchmark fund also goes down, it is more an issue with the market in general. If your fund goes down but the benchmark goes up, you have a poorly performing fund and should think about selling it. Each industry has its own benchmark fund, e.g., technology has its own benchmark fund, automobile industry has its own benchmark fund, etc.
Q: What does benchmark mean?
A: It is a standard (amount or reference point) by which others can be compared to.
Q: What does benchmark mean?
A: It's sometimes used to mean as a maximum output. Such as in computers maximum processing speed so you can compare for example.
Q: What does a benchmark in fuel efficiency mean?
A: A new record for others to follow.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with benchmark (verb).
A: “We are benchmarking our performance against external criteria”

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Q: What is the difference between a benchmark and an epitome ?
A: A benchmark is a test of skill given by someone else, usually while you are still learning something and not after finishing learning.

Ex: A benchmark test will be given halfway through the semester.
Ex: I wish I had a benchmark to see how well I'm doing before the final test.

An epitome is the absolute best project completed by someone in a subject. It is usually creative, not a test (like a book, a song, or a debate), and the value is judged by peers instead of higher level teachers.

Ex: This musical composition was the epitome of his genius.
Ex: I want the epitome of my career to be something interesting.
Q: What is the difference between benchmark and criteria ?
A: Benchmark is a line that you must meet. Criteria tells you what is needed to meet the benchmark
Q: What is the difference between benchmark and basis ?
A: The basis of something is its foundation or reason for being.

A benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which something can be assessed by comparison.
Q: What is the difference between benchmark and milestone ?
A: milestone > benchmark (in terms of achievement)

Also, benchmark doesn't usually have any connotation to it. Rather, it is said as a matter of fact.

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