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Q: What does I’m bendy. (in a book, dinosaur says) mean?
A: That he can bend, or flex, his body. It is odd that something as large as a dinosaur is flexible, but this one brags that he is.
Q: What does she is very bendy mean?
A: It's a recent word that usually means "physically flexible".
If you google "very bendy" you'll see a lot of photos like this one:

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? bendy
A: Bendy=flexible.

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Q: What does "get bendy" mean?

"But it's not just men who want to get bendy with their bits out."
A: Ah! Thanks for explaining it.
Q: Can 'bendy' be used to describe a person? Like " I'm quite bendy"?
A: If you mean flexible, yes. But it sounds odd and kind of flirtatious (like you're inviting the person to bend you... or something).

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