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    2. Just three reasons why "I" love my mom. First of all, she "has loved" me since the first moment she realized that "I" was going to be born. She she will never charge me for the love she gives me and all the care she offers. I can remember in my adolescence when "I" didn't want to be close to my mom because "I was rebellious" or maybe because "I" wanted to show "" the world that "I" was independent. Despite that "all of that", she never stopped "" loving me less just because "I" "didn't" tell her how much "I" love and "appreciate". "" Another reason "I" can mention "this is" that she "" would not eat to feed me"." "I" remember sometimes when she does not "buy" things that she "wants", just "to" buy something that "I" needed, the same with food or her "own" time. And finally, she knows what is better for me, "because" there is nobody who "will" be more interested in my "well being" than my mother "as" she always has the words that "I" need to "hear" and always "takes" care of me. There are a lot of reasons that "I" can "mention" to say why "I" have the best mom "in" the world and why "I" love her so much. It took me a little bit, but I found the mistakes and fixed them and put them in "" 😁 Busqué los errores por un tiempo, pero les encontré y les puse en ""

    1. Other types of questions
    2. thank you so much!

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