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Q: What does bestow mean?
A: It means to give something(such as an heirloom) of significance to someone else.

“I bestowed my diamonds onto my daughter”
Q: What does bestow mean?
A: "Bestow" is a formal way to say give
"I bestow upon you this crown"
Q: What does bestowed mean?
A: Concedido
Bestower = Conceder
Q: What does bestowed on me mean?
A: to be given something. when someone bestows something onto you, it usually implies that whatever they have given you is very precious or honorable, like a duty, important task, or something of great value :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with to bestow something upon/on somebody .
A: Thanks ❤️ lots of hugs
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I bestow upon you, the cup of Christ.
I was bestowed with knowledge.
I was bestowed a gift.
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I bestow this gift to you- it’s quite an old word meaning to give which doesn’t get used often
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I shall bestow upon you the wonderful mystery of Shakespeare.
The prime minister bestowed a stirring speech yesterday at the square common.
A certain philanthropist is known to bestow many gifts and favors to any who ask.

Bestow is not a word commonly used except in formal speech. I hope this helped!

Q: Please show me example sentences with to bestow.
A: "She bestowed upon him the gift of giving."
"I was bestowed with a pet dog."

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Q: What is the difference between bestow upon someone and grant ?

Honors are bestowed
Titles are bestowed
Degrees are bestowed
These seem to me formal achievements that are earned and include some prestige.

Licenses are granted
Permits are granted
Visas are granted
Citizenship is granted.

These seem to me more transactional. things you simply apply for and are eligible to receive.
Q: What is the difference between bestow and award ?
A: "I am bestowing this great duty onto you."
"I am awarding you this medal."

Bestowing something onto someone generally means passing something to them, good or bad. You can bestow honor, a name, status, responsibility.

Awarding something usually always has a positive meaning. An award is a trophy or prize that you earn.

Hope this helps! :)

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Q: Can I use "bestow" and "donate" with the preposition "with"?
I've looked them up in dictionaries, but I couldn't find out they can be collocated with "with".

But it seems like, I think, they could be used with "with" instead of "upon, on, to" like these...

1.The university bestowed on/upon her an honorary degree.

→ The university bestowed her with an honorary degree.

2.Mr. Brown donated funds to a university

→ Mr. Brown donated a university with funds.
A: "donated to a university" maybe..
yeah I think those sound okay. 1 is perfect, 2 I'm a little unsure about. I'm not 100% sure if it's technically proper, but even native english speakers might talk like that sometimes👍
Q: can I say 'to bestow a present'?
A: that would sound very weird to me. sounds too formal and/or old fashioned
Q: "bestow" wich is the correct? Does this sound natural?
A: First is right

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