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Q: What does bestow mean?
A: It means to give something(such as an heirloom) of significance to someone else.

“I bestowed my diamonds onto my daughter”
Q: What does bestow mean?
A: "Bestow" is a formal way to say give
"I bestow upon you this crown"
Q: What does bestowed mean?
A: Concedido
Bestower = Conceder
Q: What does bestowed on me mean?
A: to be given something. when someone bestows something onto you, it usually implies that whatever they have given you is very precious or honorable, like a duty, important task, or something of great value :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with to bestow something upon/on somebody .
A: Thanks ❤️ lots of hugs
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I bestow upon you, the cup of Christ.
I was bestowed with knowledge.
I was bestowed a gift.
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I bestow this gift to you- it’s quite an old word meaning to give which doesn’t get used often
Q: Please show me example sentences with bestow.
A: I shall bestow upon you the wonderful mystery of Shakespeare.
The prime minister bestowed a stirring speech yesterday at the square common.
A certain philanthropist is known to bestow many gifts and favors to any who ask.

Bestow is not a word commonly used except in formal speech. I hope this helped!

Q: Please show me example sentences with to bestow.
A: "She bestowed upon him the gift of giving."
"I was bestowed with a pet dog."

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Q: Can I use "bestow" and "donate" with the preposition "with"?
I've looked them up in dictionaries, but I couldn't find out they can be collocated with "with".

But it seems like, I think, they could be used with "with" instead of "upon, on, to" like these...

1.The university bestowed on/upon her an honorary degree.

→ The university bestowed her with an honorary degree.

2.Mr. Brown donated funds to a university

→ Mr. Brown donated a university with funds.
A: "donated to a university" maybe..
yeah I think those sound okay. 1 is perfect, 2 I'm a little unsure about. I'm not 100% sure if it's technically proper, but even native english speakers might talk like that sometimes👍
Q: can I say 'to bestow a present'?
A: that would sound very weird to me. sounds too formal and/or old fashioned
Q: "bestow" wich is the correct? does this sound natural?
A: First is right

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