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Q: What does you betcha mean?
A: It’s just a regional variation on “you bet,” meaning you can be assured that something is the case: you can bet safely on that.
Q: What does you betcha mean?
A: As Rose_56, it is a promise or affirmation. It is short for "You bet" or "You can bet on it", meaning that if you bet that it will happen, you would win the bet.
Q: What does you betcha mean?
A: just a generic affirmative answer, technically it comes from "you can bet on it/it is a sure thing" the meaning is just: 好吧!
Q: What does you betcha. mean?
A: いみは「はい!ぜったいそおだよ!」とか「もちろん!」です。

"You Betcha" = "You bet (that it is true)" = "You could safely bet that it was true, because it absolutely is true"
Q: What does you betcha mean?
A: Just a side note: "You betcha" is mainly only common in the northern US and Canada :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with betcha.
A: Betcha can't catch up with me.
You betcha!
I betcha she's going to get the best score in the class.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? what does "betcha" mean?
A: betcha is an informal word that should NOT be used in formal (work etc) situations. It’s British slang.

Betcha can be understood as ‘bet you’.

‘I betcha you can’t eat all that in 10 minutes’

It’s like ‘ I bet you....’

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Q: You betcha.

What does it mean?
Where does this usage of the word bet come from?
A: @garygriggs thank you.
Q: Please show me how to pronounce you betcha .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: 1- What does "betcha" mean? Can you give me some examples, please?

2- What does this line mean?

"Betcha not to trat me like, a child baby."
( from Selena Gomez's song "Tell me something I don't know")
A: it's a slang for I bet you
Q: When you say "You betcha!," does it mean both "You're welcome," and "Of course?" does this sound natural?
A: It primarily means of course

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