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    2. Here is how it would sound most natural: I am from Kazakstan, but I am now studying and living in Brno, Czech Republic. Last year I studied the Czech language for one year. I have done language exams and got a B2 level certificate. I also took exams at a university on geography, sociology, biology, and English. I am now studying at Mendel University in Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies. My bachelor degree program is International Territorial Studies in the Czech language. I can speak and communicate in 4 languages. My program has excellent relations with topics on this event. I have all the necessary competencies to work at international levels where an all-around knowledge of emerging countries is required, with emphasis on economic, social, cultural, and political environmental problems. I have visited more countries and seen both the best and worst standards of living. Due to this, I have a large amount of knowledge, especially in the processes of human and social development. I can predict the life of people based on their current situation because of the complete objectivity of all human processes. Let me know if you have any questions! Wonderfully written, great job

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