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Q: What does outpouching bladder mean?

Outpouching - an extension of a linear surface, bulging out and forming a pouch - like the finger of a glove

Here, I expect that a reservoir of liquid, or bladder, is located in just such an outpouching
Q: What does bladder of a champ mean?
A: This means the person being spoken of can go a long time without needing to pee.
Being described of as a "champ" of anything means you're very good at it. "Champ" is short for "champion," so it's like saying that the person would be a champion at holding their bladder.
Q: What does shy bladder mean?
A: A person with a shy bladder is unable to urinate when other people are nearby, like in a public bathroom or on an airplane.
Q: What does bladder mean?
A: The bladder is something that holds liquid. I see that the dictionary definition is more general: a hollow or inflated sack.

There is an organ of the body called the bladder which holds urine before it is passed from the body.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with bladder.
A: The human bladder is the organ that stores urine.

Sometimes the word can refer to some other kind of sealed membrane full of liquid or gas. For example, fish have an organ called an air bladder.

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Q: What is the difference between bladder and bladdel ?
A: oh ok thanks can u please show me how to pronounce bladder
Q: What is the difference between bladder and blister ?
A: Bladder is a part of the body (where the urine is).
Blister is like an injury that happens when you wear new shoes.

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Q: When I get cold my bladder fills easily does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How to say my bladder fulfills so fast
A: My bladder fills really quickly
Q: I have a weak bladder lately. does this sound natural?
A: Possibly change the word order to make it smoother like "Lately, my bladder has been weak." Or "Lately, I have had a weak bladder."

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