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Q: What does blaze up mean?
A: light a joint
smoke weed
Q: What does continues to blaze a path of destruction mean?
Mmm! Hard to explain but;
To blaze means to mark .
For example. To blaze a trail through a forest means to mark the trail in some way ( perhaps by marking the trees)
A path of destruction is the area affected by a general disaster./devastation / chaos or confusion.

Q: What does a blaze of colour mean?
A: It basically means a lot of different colors
Q: What does Remember when we used to sneak out late to go and blaze mean?
A: @whgbdlfdlfgofk smoke marijuana/drugs
Q: What does to blaze a trail mean?
A: this is an interesting question.

apart from the expression you already know we would never actually use the expression "blaze a trail"

in this expression blaze is a verb so it either means to shine or burn.

you cannot shine a trail. but you can shine a light on a trail. but this is not the exact meaning if you want a 'literal' translation.

therefore the verb blaze must mean burn or fire. to burn a trail, to fire a trail or to set fire to a trail. this is actually the closest you can get to a literal meaning.

but we would never actually say 'blaze a trail' if we want to say any of the above.

hope this makes sense!

Example sentences using "Blaze"

Q: Please show me example sentences with blazing.
A: The fire is blazing!
Q: Please show me example sentences with blaze.
A: The only example I can think of is "Wow, that fire is really blazing."
Q: Please show me example sentences with blaze a trail.
A: But the Union does not have any experience in these innovations, so we need to blaze a trail in this area.

The information superhighway would blaze a trail towards a new social order.

Watch the sun blaze a trail into the Indian Ocean.

These artists blazed a trail for painting and sculpture on the international art scene.
Q: Please show me example sentences with to blaze.
A: The fire blazed
The blazing fire

Synonyms of "Blaze" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between blaze and shine ?
A: Blaze .. is flames from a fire / fiercely burning fire
To burn fiercely or brightly

Shine .. To give out a bright light
light from a light source ... a lamp or a torch; stars or the sunlight
Q: What is the difference between blaze and fire ?
A: That’s correct. Usually, “inferno” is also used for a large, out of control fire. “Blaze” is also slang for lighting a cigarette. But it’s more often used for drugs. “Blaze one up.”
Q: What is the difference between to blaze and to glow and to flicker ?
A: Clench refers to something held tightly , it could be something in your hand , your teeth or in some cases your buttocks . E.g. Anna clenched her fists to knock the smug thief square in the face .
Q: What is the difference between blaze and fire ?
A: a blaze is a large fire

Translations of "Blaze"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? blazing
A: It’s pronounced and stressed like this: BLAYzing

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Q: What does "blaze the dash" mean?
A: ran fast leave fire at your wake - flash probably
Q: Please show me how to pronounce blaze.
When said quickly, the Z in "blaze" does sound like an S. But if you say it slowly, you must pronounce the Z properly.

"blasé" is actually a different word with an S that's pronounced more like a Z. 😂

English was influenced by many different languages, so sometimes it's weird. 😅

Listen to my "blaze" vs "blasé."
Q: What do you mean by saying, “What the blooming blazes?”?
A: It’s the same as saying, “what in the world”. You say it when you’re shocked or surprised, kind of like you can’t believe it. “What in the world are you doing?!?”

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