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    2. If you received this in a message from someone you've never spoken to before, they are either making fun or trying to start a conversation in a very unique way ^^

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    2. Sadly to say,no.

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    2. It is a high pitched sound

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    2. Will they bleep out all the bad language? I don't know what he actually said because the network bleeped out so much of his rant.

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    2. Just stereotypical sounds a robot would make.

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    2. "Japan doesn't really have a lot of curse words to edit out of explicit songs, but in America, they have to edit many songs into clean versions."

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    2. I didn't actually know it was a slang word until I looked it up just now. According to the page about the song on English Wikipedia, "honky tonk woman" used to refer to a female prostitute/dancer who worked at a tavern back in the days of the Old Wild West. Nobody I know uses this term in this way anymore. Another search on Google, though, shows that "honky" is a derogatory term that black people here in the US use in reference to white people. I've never heard of that one being used, either. I guess I would be careful about using black colloquial language/slang--generally, it's only appropriate for black people to speak in that way.

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    2. The most common swear word in (American) English is probably fuck, which is a vulgar word for sex. Fuck is a great word because you can use it pretty much however you want. Use it as a verb, a noun, an adjective, pretty much anything works. The next most common is probably shit, a vulgar word for poop. These two are pretty serious but also common, so it's fine to use around friends, but usually try not to use them around coworkers, your boss, older people, etc (unless you hear them use the words first! Then go for it and use them!) Less serious is ass or asshole and bitch. Most television shows don't beep out these words out, so they're not as bad as fuck and shit, but still be careful who you use them around. There are a few others at the same seriousness level as fuck (tits = boobs, piss = pee, motherfucker = a common variation of fuck). Unfortunately, America also has a lot of swear words based on race, but hopefully you won't ever hear those.

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