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    2. Some kind of disease in plant. Cause it to withered. Or it can be use as a Verb means harm or destroy.

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    2. Destruction refers to physical damage, but blight refers to some kind of infection, disease or even a curse. "The farm was blighted by the cold." or "Alcohol was a blight on the family."

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    2. Blight is almost always a noun. Wither is always a verb. e.g. After being infected with a blight from a deadly virus, the flower then withered away.

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    2. It's getting bright outside.

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    2. The Thirty-Eighth Subject: The Dangers of Unveilings of inspiration Unveilings of inspiration have dangers and blights and a mystical traveler has to know them in order to be released from his ego's temptation. We will mention some of them here: A) Being difficult to realize the right unveiling from the wrong one. B) These unveilings of inspiration will hold a mystical traveler back from the right journey and it causes him to be busy by them instead of passing the path of trust in God and monothism. The reason for these declarations is that some masters used to prevent their disciples from noticing these affairs, even sometimes they prevented the state of unveiling from them by holding sway. C) Some unveilings of inspiration are not the same with realities and Islamic Divine Law. D) Unveiling is a kind of intrusion and influence in the order of the universe and the appearance of nature. E) Unveiling causes a superiority complex; a mystical traveler will also arrogate something that he does not have, such as when it happened for (( Mohammad Ali Báb )) who was a religion student of the seminary of Najaf who's futitle and fictitious religion of Bahiat originated from. F) Unveiling is not reality but it is from the world of imagination (intemediate suprusesory world), thus it does not happen by perfect men. I also did not observe these unveilings of inspiration from my master that some are proud of. G) A mystical traveler who is dedicated to divine love and right mysticism will not notice such affairs and if he is to observe something, he will tell his master while he is unwilling to; because he fears falling down into the place of ego destruction. H) Such unveilings of inspiration are also seen from those who are not saints of God; therefore, having unveiling is not a virtue nor a privilege. I) Unveiling will cause a mystical traveler to be away from the world of nearness to God and mystical knowledge and it will result in a superiority complex and arrogance inside him. And the mystical traveler in this state instead of dedicating to general and destination will be busied by limits. J) Unveilings of inspiration are self-manifestations and there is no remedy except for being treated by a master. K) Briefly speaking, monotheist reflection and contemplating in the inner luminosty does not give a moment to a mystical traveler who thinks about unveilings of inspiration. A mystical traveler has to complete his time in the way that will result in no free time for other affairs. Hope this helps :)

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    2. No problem! It was a lot of fun reading your work! And thank you for the kind offer! God bless you too!

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