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Q: What does blinker fluid mean?
A: A prank that parents play on their children when they’re old enough to drive. Blinker fluid/fuel is not real but is a common joke, most shop owners play along or will laugh at you.
Q: What does blinker fluid mean?
A: then why people make fun of it. I mean why would I make fun of something that doesn't exist
Q: What does he flipped his blinker on mean?
A: It means he flipped his turn signal on his car left or right
Q: What does blinker fluid mean everyone in videos make fun of that but I don't get it let me know what it is. mean?
A: blinker fluid doesn't exist which is why it is funny. It would be fluid for your blinkers (part of the car).There's a joke where a person asks someone who doesn't know cars that well to get blinker fluid and they actually look for it because they don't know that there is no such thing.
Q: What does what is blinker fluid? mean?
A: Blinker fluid isn't real. It's supposed to be fluid you put in your car to make the turn signal work, but nothing like that exists. People use it to make fun of others who don't know how cars work. If someone believes that blinker fluid exists, then they don't know enough about cars and will be laughed at.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with blinker.
A: “Don’t be a stinker, use your blinker!”

This is a phrase we sometimes say to remind people to use their blinkers while changing lanes when driving. (“Stinker” is a playful way of saying “unpleasant/bad person”).

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Q: What is the difference between blinker and indicater ?
A: I don't think so. You could say "Use your indicators" or "use your blinkers" and both are correct. I think blinkers is just a bit less formal.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? что значит blinker fluid?
A: it's fake, it's not real.

blinker fluid is something people joke around about.

I don't know how to explain it, so I went to Google.

"  A mythical automotive material used either in jokes or to gauge how inept someone is in basic auto mechanics "

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Q: Don’t forget to turn on the blinker.
Don't go through the red light.
Don't break the signal rule, or you 'll get a ticket.
.Never drive even when you have just a cup of drink
The car/someone is cutting you off. Get out the way.
I’m sorry I’m late but The traffic was bumper-to-bumper
I feel like throwing up. Can you pull over ?

Does this sound natural?
A: @auroratwins012 It depends on the context.

When it's something specific, "the signal rule."

Ex: Making a turn while at a stop sign. You have to signal. Don't ignore the signal rule.

"signal rules" can be used for general rules, and a specific rule.

Ex: When driving, we have to signal. Don't ignore the signal rules.

The first example was about something specific: "a stop sign."

The second example is more generic: "when driving."

"signal rules" is more common.
Q: It occured to me that i hadn’t turned off the blinkers. Does this sound natural?
A: Yes, perfectly natural.

"I eventually realized I hadn't turned off the blinkers" also sounds perfectly natural.
Q: I had been turning on left blinker when the car behind me honked its horn. Does this sound natural?
A: Grammar is fine, I just don't quite get the logic. Turning on the blinker isn't a continuous process, so I don't know why you're using a progressive tense for it.

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