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    2. From the beginning of time, mankind has made great progress. This includes both positive and negative changes which are necessary in order to push humanity to a point we've never reached before. One of the problems that comes with progress is that it isn't always in the best interests of everyone, and like anything, has pros and cons. For example, if we decided to create a new law where everyone was required to have a smartphone, that would make our society better than it has ever been. However, not everyone wants this due to privacy concerns and that is a valid point. Another problem with progress is that it forces people to change their mentality. When slavery was abolished, a lot of people never really accepted this (?). Okay I'm not really sure you should be talking about slavery in a BMAT exam.. and I don't agree with what you're saying from this point onward. Kind of sounds like you're saying it's bad to "force" people to see that slavery is immoral...

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