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    2. If you weigh 60kg, you eat 60kg of food. Usually this is being sarcastic. Not actually eating that much food... ;)

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    2. @hbl: It would sound natural if you say " Just squat down using only your bodyweight"

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    2. How good your muscles look in a relaxed position. You dont need to flex.

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    2. You've done really well! and I can understand everything you were trying to say! There are a few corrections to make, so I will look at your writing sentence by sentence: I tried Nike tranning plan.--> I tried (THE or A) Nike training plan. My plan is bodyweight only.--> My plan is to do bodyweight only exercises. but I can only 3 steps.It's hard to me.--> I can only do 3 steps because it is too hard for me. So this plan is deleted. I start 30days press ups plan instead of Nike plan. --> I changed my mind and will start a 30 day press up plan instead of the Nike plan It is great than bodywight plan.--> it is better than the bodyweight plan. I'll try bodyweight tranning after more exercise.--> I'll try bodyweight training after I have done more exercise. The reason that fail is I don't have any streching.--> The reason I failed is because I didn't do any stretching I think this is mistake for many beginner. So I'm okay.--> I think that many beginners make this same mistake, so I don't mind. I can anything trying! Try! Challenge!-> (I can try anything! OR I can challenge myself to anything!) I hope that helped you!

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