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    2. That may be a mis-translation. The term boil over usually refers to while cooking "boiling" water spills over the top of the pot. However, it is possible that it is an exaggeration to refer to anger.

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    2. I’ve never heard steam explosion be used outside of natural science, but from my understanding it means a build up of water vapor that causes an explosion. Typically it is caused by superheating a liquid and it leads to molten metals. Boil over does apply to cooking unlike steam explosion, but it’s simply when a liquid gets too hot and it foams up over the edges of a container. Boil over is not really an explosion so much as it is simply fluids boiling over the edges of your pot. What you’re talking about doesn’t really have a unique English phrase attached. The best you could use is say it was a oil explosion or grease explosion I suppose. Technically steam explosion would work too, but I personally wouldn’t understand that phrase if someone used it in that context to me. I don’t know if other regions in America use steam explosion to apply to cooking, but where I live we never do. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, maybe there is a term a more chef-type person might know.

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